alex et jen

We are so happy that you will be joining us in France for our special day this coming June 2012


Why Normandy?

Alex was born and raised in Caen, a place we visit at least once a year. Because we love the northern region of France so much and because we wanted to keep the tradition of the Dethier Family alive, we decided that doing our ceremony there would be the perfect way to begin (or continue) our adventures together. Alex also has a long-standing family connection to La Côte Fleurie, which is the coastal area of seaside towns where we will all be staying.

alex et jen


What are the dates?

We are planning on being in Normandy from June 15 until June 25. The 'big day' will be on the afternoon of Saturday, June 23rd, followed by a dinner that evening and a casual brunch the next day, Sunday the 24th. If you are planning to visit other parts of France, we recommend that you get there and travel around prior to our wedding weekend and end your trip with our event. This way you are more likely to beat the beginning of the European holiday season, which will begin in early July.


Why this website?

We wanted to have one place where all of our friends and family could go for information on the wedding, but also to share with you some ideas on where to stay and what to see and do while you are in Normandy.